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About Us

PromVentHolod is a diversified holding company operating in the field of industrial and civil construction. Our main objectives are to supply equipment and find solutions to complex technical decisions for ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and other engineering equipment. The company also provides a range of services such as project design, constructing and equipping commercial and industrial structures, offices and administrative buildings, warehouses and logistics centres. More information about our implemented projects is represented in the Portfolio section.

We have 12 years of experience and an ambition of becoming Russia's largest supplier of engineering equipment. This allowed PromVentHolod to become a serious player in the B2B segment. Our key clients are industrial enterprises, commercial and state-owned organisations. The section Our Customers is devoted to them. We will always be pleased to see you amongst them.

The main components of the company's success are certified suppliers and reliable partners in the logistics and customs clearance fields. As of today, PromVentHolod is the official distributor of the world’s most famous manufacturers, an authorised service centre and has a large amount of stock. The list of our suppliers is presented in the Brands section.

Geographically, PromVentHolod’s sales cover the entire of the Russian Federation as well as some former Soviet republics. We deliver the goods to any region of the Russian Federation ourselves or with the use of our partners: AutoTrading, PEK, Gruzovozoff, DHL, and others. For eastern regions of Russia the products can be released on EX factory bases in South-east Asia or delivered to your city. We also have experience with supplying Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.



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