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For many companies a good price is a necessity in fighting competitors, for us it is a norm. In order to compete, we have accomplished large discounts from manufacturers; built efficient logistic and financial schemes, constantly observing markets for best conditions and most beneficial schemes. In more than 10 years of successful work we have learned how to compete with both foreign and local manufacturers.
In our work we use a modern CRM system for customer relationship management and internal control. It allows us to organise our work with contractors more effectively, improve the quality of our customer support and control the cooperation between departments within the company improving results and minimising time consumption. We value our and our customer’s time.
As of today, there is a huge number of manufacturers and each one of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. We know very well what these strengths and weaknesses are, which is why PromVentHolod is a multibrand company. This means that our customers always have a choice of making the most beneficial decision in selecting one or another brand.
PromVentHolod – is a customer-oriented company. In order to create comfortable and favourable conditions to our clients, we use all our capabilities including various financial instruments:
- Bank guarantee, authorising risk-free transactions for our clients;
- Minimising the client’s working capital by means of payment delay or factoring;
- Minimisation of the client’s tax burden through counselling in regards to documents.
As a consumer you are protected by our company. Firstly, all the equipment has a factory warranty period, which can be extended under certain conditions. Secondly, our specialists have years of experience, required certificates and authorisations, and use only the professional tools like REFCO, TESTO, ROTTENBERGER. RosGosStrakh insures the responsibilities of our company such as supplying equipment and labour, hence why we are able to provide extended warranties on all supplied equipment and performed labour.
We are well aware of the specifics of the installation and operation of the cooling and ventilation equipment. Often, technical premises (ventilation chambers, cooling centres) have restrictions on weight and size, noise and other characteristics. In such cases, we perform technical analysis and solve the problem on site as well as taking its features into account. In order to minimise the customer’s expenses we use standard stock equipment and if necessary, we offer a variety of solutions such as non-standard and alternative equipment. Our experience allows us to solve even the "unsolvable" problems related to the installation and operation of equipment.


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