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Corporate Customers

Currently, our clients are well-known construction, installation and engineering companies, industrial enterprises, government and commercial organisations and retail networks. Each client finds his own most valuable benefit among the numerous ones that we offer. We value each customer and their trust equally. The list of our completed projects is fully represented in the Portfolio section.
We await you requests and proposals at [email protected]

Regional Partners

PromVentHolod is consistently working on the expansion of our regional affiliate network. If you work in the air conditioning, ventilation or industrial refrigeration industry or installations and building maintenance, we proudly invite you to cooperate with us. By working with us, you get:

  • Professional and responsive technical support;
  • Competitive prices and the possibility of buying goods on various payment terms;
  • A wide ranged selection of equipment and accessories stocked in Moscow;
  • The possibility of dispatching products directly from factories and European warehouses;
  • Powerful marketing support (product samples, printed and electronic materials);
  • Financial instruments to improve the efficiency of your business;
  • The ability to represent PromVentHolod exclusively in your region under a franchise agreement.
If you are interested in our offer, please let us know at [email protected] or by calling us on +7(495)9331520


At the heart of PromVentHolod’s business lies the ambition of constructing and expanding mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships with manufacturers. Often these partnerships become friendships that help strengthen and fulfil business interests. We adhere to the following principles while choosing suppliers: high quality, competitive prices, efficiency and availability of technical support (documentation, software, consulting and training). As from our side, we are prepared to settle a contract for a specified amount of purchases and then annually increase the agreed amount. If you are a manufacturer looking for a partner or interested in entering the Russian market, we are always open to appealing proposals. Please contact the purchase department at [email protected]

Project Designers

We are aware of how difficult and responsible the job of an engineering systems designer is. It is essential to consider many factors in order to be confident in the quality and reliability of the equipment and materials.
Having become a partner of PromVentHolod:

  • You get an experienced consultant, cost-effective supplier, reliable contractor, and service centre all in one. We work only with certified manufacturers where the quality is confirmed by certificates of TUV, EUROVENT, ISO9000, RosTest.
  • You get free access to our selection of programmes, technical catalogues, service documents and convenient price-lists that will significantly reduce the time for preparing evaluations.
  • Our specialists will make a selection of equipment to suit your requirements and present a clear technical and commercial proposal in a single day.
  • Allows you to use our on-line consultation and gives you the possibility of inviting our specialists to attend training seminars at a convenient time for you.
  • You get faultless and favourable cooperation conditions, which may be regulated by a contract. The main priorities of our longstanding partnership are trust, reliability and honesty.

Contact Us
Corporate Customers
We await you requests and proposals at [email protected]

Regional Partners
We are waiting your suggestions at [email protected]
or by calling us on +7(495)9331520

Please contact the purchase department at [email protected]


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